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S​peak Up!


​​​​Do these circumstances sound familiar?

  • You have spent years in school and university studying English. 
  • You have recently attended or you are currently attending a private language school. 
  • You have a job that requires you to use the English language on a regular basis. 
  • You have spent a lot of time and money to learn English, you attained a high level of fluency, but you are losing your fluency because you do not have regular opportunities to practice or speak English.

If so, then, SPEAK UP!
We host frequent social events at a variety of public locations in Kharkov, which are designed exclusively for you to practice speaking English with your friends, peers and colleagues. These are also excellent networking opportunities for you to promote your business and to meet new people with similar life interests.

Speak Up!  Events will generally be held at facilities with food and beverage service.  We will provide light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages at no additional charge.

Each event is scheduled for 2 hours duration and on alternate days of the week to accommodate everyone's busy life.  The sessions can be customized to your business or profession and fluency level.  These events are open to everyone regardless of fluency level and, unless previously arranged, do not have specific topics for discussion; but rather, are open forums for any subject. 

Although the focus of each event is a casual, social opportunity to speak English, depending on the number of participants, each event will have at least one English "native speaker" and one multilingual Ukrainian resident/teacher.  Our goal is to not only provide a venue to speak English on a regular basis but also to offer limited grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation guidance.

What else do I need to know?  Speak Up! Is a subscription service. Due to the nature of this service, we have a minimum requirement of 7 participants for each event; therefore, all attendees must preregister.  This will insure a good mix of interests and enough people with whom to speak.  By subscribing, you will always receive full value for your hard-earned money. This means, if your schedule should change and you miss an event for which you have registered, that event will not count against your subscription.  Simply attend the next session in your subscription period that is most convenient for you.

What does it cost?  We currently offer the following subscription packages:

                                   Package #                 Description                
Expires After                Price (UAH)
                                        3E                       Any 3 Events                    90 Days                        1,200
                                        6E                       Any 6 Events                   120 Days                       2,250
                                       12E                      Any 12 Events                  180 Days                       4,200
                                        SS                       Any 1 Event                       30 Days                          500

Group Pricing:  Small groups of 5- 10 persons will receive a 10% discount off single session pricing.  Groups of more than 10 persons should contact us for special pricing arrangements.


Please Note:  Subscription and single session purchases are not refundable or transferable. If you cannot attend an event for which you have registered, let us know prior to the event so that we do not charge the event against your subscription.  As long as you reschedule and attend a subsequent event before the expiration date of your subscription, you will not forfeit any money. If we cancel an event and you are subsequently unable to attend all your subscription sessions before the expiration date of your subscriptions, your subscription expiration date will be adjusted to give you ample opportunity to attend a subsequent event. 

Not sure if you are ready to buy a subscription?  No problem. You can prepay for a single event for an entry fee of 500 UAH.  If you later decide to subscribe, we will give you a 150 UAH discount off the package price you wish to buy, providing you purchase the package within 30 days of attending your single purchase event.

How do I register?  In order to provide adequate staff, we ask that you register each time you wish to attend an event, regardless of whether you have purchased a subscription or desire to prepay for a single session.  Fill out the CONTACT FORM and let us know if you wish to subscribe or prepay for a single event.  It would also be helpful for you to provide the day(s) of week that are usually most convenient for you.  We will do our best to schedule our events on days most compatible with your lifestyle.

When is the next Speak Up! Event?  Dates, times and locations of upcoming events will be posted on both the Home and Speak Up! pages of this website. Once you have registered for an event, you will receive an email announcement for all future events.