​​Webpage Editing

Thousands of business owners have already realized the enormous profit-potential of local, national and international commerce via the Internet. 

THIS SERVICE provides valuable editing assistance to business owners and managers who have an existing website in a primary language other than English, and who have created or wish to create or edit pages, or elements of pages, in English.

Our research has revealed that a substantial majority of business websites, which already include English language translations of their webpages, have not accurately written or translated the script into English. 

To those readers whose native language is English, or who are extremely proficient in the English language, the errors are immediately recognizable and often create a negative impression of the business.  You have only one opportunity to create a "first impression". Do you want a potential customer's first impression of your business to be negative?

Here's what you need to do.  Complete the Contact Form and tell us what you would like us to do.  Do you want us to review your English language webpages for spelling and grammatical errors, or would you like to us compose original English language pages for your website?

Here's what we will do. 

  • Our language specialists will thoroughly review your existing website;
  • Depending on your needs, we will provide you with samples of the corrections necessary to existing English language webpages or compose an original paragraph in English to describe one of your services or products;
  • If you wish to engage our editing services, we will provide you with a detailed list of all changes and corrections we propose based on the content of your webpages as of the day of our review;
  • We will provide a contract for our services and a firm estimate of the total cost; and
  • If practical, we will schedule a face to face meeting with you and present our proposal to you in person. We believe the core ingredient of a trusting business relationship begins with a handshake.

PLEASE NOTE:  We will NOT modify or create new pages directly to your website. You are responsible for implementing and publishing the changes and compositions we make for you.

Proudly Headquartered in Kharkov, Ukraine